Auditions (Round 2)

Seeking musical theatre and rock singers for the Concept Cast Recording of MAD! This is a PAID, non-union/non-equity recording. ALL RACES AND TYPES ARE ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION. All open roles at this time are for adult singers and actors.

Audition & Production Details


All performers are PAID. Amounts to be negotiated. Non-union/non-equity.


Recordings will take place in Houston, Texas. Out-of-area performers may need to travel to Houston or may be able to work with a professional studio local to them.

Deadline & Submission:

The majority of roles have been cast, but four roles remain open to auditions, and we are still casting chorus singers. Auditions will stay open through March 1, 2021 or until all roles are cast.

If you have trouble with the form, please email the links to

Open Roles:

  • BARKER – male or female, any age, a hard rock or heavy metal voice with flexibility to sing in a contemporary musical theatre style too
  • HIGH INQUISITOR – male or female, 40s-70s
  • BABOO – male, 30s-60s
  • DR. RORSCHACH – male, 20s-60s, non-singing
  • ENSEMBLE – all voice types

Baboo’s part is transposable to any key, though a bass or baritone voice is preferred for the role.

Vocal Ranges

What to Prepare

The Barker

Character: The Barker is the hype man for Baboo, the craziest man alive. He opens and closes the show. He sings in a hard rock or heavy metal style for most of the show.

Please prepare and submit these two excerpts from the show:

  • “The Great Baboo,” measures 64-96
  • “A Bright New Day,” measures 118-end

High Inquisitor

Character: The High Inquisitor enjoys a position of the highest privilege in this society. (S)he is in charge of all other psychiapriests, the people in this society to assess others’ insanity (through Insanity Quotient, or IQ, testing) and to assemble the lost texts of the DSMs, the so-called “Bibles of Psychiatry,” which are holy texts in this world. In the final scene of the musical, it’s revealed that the High Inquisitor already has all of the volumes of the DSM. Unbeknownst to his subordinates, their work to reassemble them is a smoke screen; their real job is to control the citizenry by deciding when new editions should be released.

Please prepare and submit these two excerpts from the show:

  • “Look At It” Reprise – measures 43-end
  • “A Bright New Day” – measure 68-83 with surrounding dialogue


Character: Baboo is the craziest, and therefore most celebrated, man alive. He tours the world performing lucrative shows, acting truly insane on stage. Baboo is mainly a character of legend, with his picture everywhere. We never really get to see much of the real man himself until very late in the musical, when the young boy, Johnny Cragsman, goes so insane, he threatens Baboo’s preeminence. While the audience never knows if this is real or Johnny’s hallucination, we see Baboo sneak into this boy’s room, where he sings a song persuading the young boy that things will never get better, and convinces him to overdose in a late-in-show tragic scene. Johnny voluntarily takes the pills as Baboo sits by his bedside.

Please prepare and submit this excerpt from the show:

  • “I’m Right Here” Reprise – measures 34-87 (end)

This part is transposable. Need it in another key? Email to request the track in another key. Be sure to indicate the key you’d like or how many half steps you’d like it transposed up or down.

Dr. Rorschach (Non-Singing Role)

Character: Dr. Rorschach is a psychiapriest, one of the officials of this world in change of administering Insanity Quotient (IQ) testing to determine people’s levels of insanity, and therefore, their caste. He tests both Johnny and Henry over the course of the show. Instead of singing, he speaks in rhythm during this testing.

Please prepare and submit this song from the show:

  • “Deus Neurotica” (First reprise) – full song with dialogue


To audition to be part of the chorus/ensemble, please submit two 32-bar contrasting musical theatre songs of your choosing.

Brief Synopsis

The DSM is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the so-called Bible of Psychiatry. In this post-apocalyptic world, all books have been destroyed, but inhabitants of the world have managed to assemble from the fragments the complete first and second editions of the DSM (books originally published in the 1950s-1960s). In this world, the two volumes of the Deus M, as they call it, are holy texts, where the more diagnoses you have (the madder you are), the higher your caste. Young people are IQ (Insanity Quotient) tested to determine their worth, and if they turn up neurotic, schizoid, or even gay – anything listed in the DSM II – you can ascend to a higher caste.

The musical follows four stories as they make their way through this world:


Young Johnny Cragsman is IQ (Insanity Quotient) tested and isn’t mad at all (he’s a “normie”). His mother, Mrs. Cragsman, determined to get her son a better life, works with a crooked doctor to dose her son with psychotics. The drugs work a little too well, and Johnny’s madness threatens to rival that of Baboo, the craziest man alive, who travels the world with his hype man, the Barker, in a spectacular and lucrative show.


Henry has too low an IQ (Insanity Quotient) for Mabel to date him. Henry decides to go to gay conversion therapy to become gay, so that his IQ will go up. But when he’s retested, he far outstrips Mabel’s IQ, granting him access to Menta, the elite society for the most insane.


Dr. Smith, a Psychiapriest, works tirelessly to assemble the third edition of the Deus M, only to find his path to sharing the completed volume blocked by the High Inquisitor. This leaves him questioning everything he believed to be true.


Cassandra, a singer in a nightclub for normies, lost her son when she tried to dose him to improve his IQ (Insanity Quotient). She makes it her mission to prevent other families from making the same mistake, if only someone will believe her.

Content Warning

The musical takes place in a dystopic world where all religious belief, prejudice, and caste are centered around the celebration of insanity, as defined in the first two editions of the DSM. The musical contains sexually explicit content, expletives, and content that could be perceived as mocking Judeo-Christian religions (since, to the inhabitants of this world, the Bible and the stories it contains would sound quite foreign and strange). You will be able to indicate on the audition form if you’d like to not be considered for roles where either of these could be an issue.


Email us with your questions or concerns.