Cast Resources

Each song listed includes:

  • Sheet Music: a pdf of the vocal score for each song (each is stamped with a revision date, so you can always check to see if you’re using the current version)
  • Accompaniment Track: an mp3 of the accompaniment to the song (no vocal part); wav files are provided for those recording from home studios, so please use those instead if you are.
  • Rehearsal Track: an mp3 of the melody with the accompaniment played softly behind it.

You can read the current draft of the full script here (updated April 10, 2021) or read the synopsis here.

If you need a key change or have any other concerns/questions, email Aaron or call/text him (best: after 3PM CST) at 281.954.4399.


TRACK 1. The Great Baboo (Barker, Backup Singer, Ensemble)

TRACK 2. Deus Neurotica (Psychiapriests)

TRACK 3. You Walk In (Henry, Mabel)

TRACK 4. You Walk In – First Reprise (Henry)

TRACK 5. Deus Neurotica – First Reprise (Dr. Rorschach, Johnny, Psychiapriests)

TRACK 6. I Could Be Gay (Henry, Backup Singers)

TRACK 7. The Day I Lost My Child (Cassandra)

TRACK 8. Fucked Up (Henry, Mabel, Dr. Smith, Cassandra, Mrs. Cragsman)

TRACK 9. Look At It (Dr. Smith)

TRACK 10. I’m Right Here (Mrs. Cragsman)

Track 11. The Hallowed Halls of Menta (Ensemble)

  • Sheet Music
  • Rehearsal Tracks:
    • SATB (no cue measure)
    • Sopranos (cue: you’ll hear measures 1-15 of the other parts prior to your entrance)
    • Altos (cue: you’ll hear measures 1-11 of the tenor/bass parts prior to your entrance)
    • Tenors (cue: 4 quarter note Bs sound at the start to cue you in)
    • Basses (cue: you’ll hear the tenor part played on piano for the 8 measures prior to your entrance)

Track 12. Look At It – Reprise (Dr. Smith, High Inquisitor)

Track 13. Johnny’s Vision (Johnny, Male Ensemble)

  • Sheet Music
  • Accompaniment Track
  • Rehearsal Tracks:
    • Demo Track
    • Men’s Chorus I – Higher Part (played where written; it will sound an octave lower, as is customary for tenors)
    • Men’s Chorus II – Lower Part (played where written and sounding)
    • CUESBoth male chorus parts sound with 1 measure (4 quarter notes) of their notes before they enter in the rehearsal tracks
    • NOTE: All men will also sing vocal glisses notated in the scores (you can listen to them and practice with the demo track above)

Track 14. I Can’t Be Straight (I Could Be Gay – Reprise; Henry)

Track 15. You Walk In – Second Reprise (Mabel)

Track 16. The Ball (Cassandra, Mrs. Cragsman – dialogue)

Track 17. You’ll Do Fine (You Walk In – Third Reprise; Henry & Mabel)

Track 18. I’m Right Here – Reprise (Baboo)

Track 19. A Bright New Day (Henriette, Dr. Mountebank, High Inquisitor, Cassandra, Dr. Smith, Mrs. Cragsman, Henry, Mabel, Barker, Men’s Chorus)